Monday, September 29, 2014

Garden City to Moscow

On truck loading day it was so fun that so many friends could come pizza, load, and show me how to "Magic Eraser!" We couldn't have pulled it together without you!
That night, John and Neola flew in and helped us with a final wrap up. 
Early Tuesday morning we woke up, did a final wipe down, and backed our way out of the house cleaning capers as we went.
While our 26 ft truck wasn't stuffed to the gills, we probably couldn't have fit it all in the smaller size. Which is a bummer because the day before we were supposed to pick it up, we got a call from Uhaul letting us know that our two options for truck pick up were 2.5 hours away. Lame. We bartered a discount, an extra day and then drove to pick it up on Monday.

Driving crew!
Our first stop was at a mega fuel center where Neola and I fueled up on Starbucks. John drove the truck, Luke drive his car and Neola and I were road trip buddies in my car. 
Early Wednesday morning rest stop. 
IKEA! Kitchen ogling. I can assure you our apartment kitchen would love this makeover.
Hello Idaho scenery!
The day we arrived in Moscow was busy! Luke and John went to get paperwork done for our apartment and get some basic groceries. Neola and I went to get my fingerprinting,school paperwork done and take a tour of my new school workplace!

Sooooo much stuff.

Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Getting Together

Our last bit of time in Garden City was jam packed! Things didn't really become "official" until about two weeks before the move. 

Dan, Violet, Me!
Flying with Mary!
Fiesta Parade watching!
Martha and Susan were so thoughtful in giving me my very own piece of Patrick Dougans to have in Moscow. 
Me and Sandy
Pat, Mary and I went to see the famous hairball and W. Chicken farm!

My students from last year were so sweet to me!
I really got down to consolidating everything from when we lived long distance, and from acquiring many of my moms supplies. 
Thank goodness for saved frosting containers and Costco size peanut butter jars.
For some reason during moving one always finds the things you can never find when you need them. 
Husbands like to take time to drive their wives bonkers. I had these all sorted and Luke called me back "for something." I noticed there was a hanger out of place. Fixed it. And Luke started laughing hysterically. Fool was playing mind tricks. 
Books anyone?
Luke's getting pumped up for our team couch wrapping event. 
Take that chipotle.

Wednesday, July 2, 2014

McMinnville Day 2

Since Emilie is a new knitter, I was excited to expose her to as many yarn shops as possible. One of the shops in McMinnville is closing and we totally score some great goodies! I also taught her how to use an umbrella swift and ball winder. 
She's been such a quick study!
Then it was off to the Evergreen Aviation and Space Museums. 
I thought it appropriate to wear my Endeavor shirt. I thought it even more appropriate to take a picture with their cleverly disguised golf cart. 
I really need to sit down and watch the Planes movie. These little guys seemed right out of the set!
I guess they really only seemed little compared to the Sprice Goose. 
After a quick dinner stop we went back to Em's place for some R&R and knitting!
Emilie is developing some mad skillz! She is making fingerless mitts using the magic loop and has even tried out a practice cable! 

Portland. The Important Things.

On Monday Em and I took a short walking tour in Portland and caught three important landmarks. Voodoo Doughnuts and yarn shops. 

I so loved Dublin Bay Knitting Co. that I plum forgot to take pictures! It makes it in my top 10 shops. A quick stop for lunch,
then on to Knit Purl. 
also in my top 10! Portland is a seriously great place for knitting/knitters and foodies!